Head of Mars.

The French School, 1800s. 


Rosalba Carriera, Maria Theresa, Archduchesse of Habsburg (detail)



A group of various axis soldiers in a lighthearted chat with a Slovak press reporter. Left to right: Lithuanian, Italian, German, Slovak, German.


Actress Mary Heberden photographed by Edward Steichen, 1935.

Tony Curtis in Sweet Smell of Success (1957) by Alexander Mackendrick.

Burt Lancaster in Sweet Smell of Success (1957) by Alexander Mackendrick.

These girls from Gemer region in Slovakia partake in an ancient Slavic pagan ritual of “vynášanie Moreny” (bringing out Morena). It takes place at the beginning of spring, two weeks before Easter and marks the symbolic end of winter. The ritual consists of burning and drowning of the effigy of the Slavic goddess Morena, the goddess of death and winter.

Morena’s effigy is usually made of straw clothed in a traditional dress. Young girls carry her singing towards a stream. When they arrive at the bank, Morena is undressed, set on fire and thrown into the waters of the defrosting stream. This pagan ritual survives to this day in contemporary Central Europe.


Hugh Laurie’s song for America - A bit of Fry and Laurie (x)

*radio voice* ..and this one goes out to my homeboy Tesserariuss.

"Class Dismissed" by Gil Elvgren, 1970

Mother and her children from Vyšný Sliač, Slovakia.