I don’t understand why some of the tumblr right is so fixated on the idea that most Slavic countries lean more on the traditionalistic side and are plagued by less social problems as well as ‘degeneracy’ than Western countries. The country I live in, Ukraine, has the worst drug problem in Europe….

That’s disappointing. I’ve been living in the States for the past seven years so I still have a slightly outdated and romanticized idea of Europe in general (even the west), and I always thought the east had retained a bit more dignity…

Well it of course isn’t all roses and sunshine, degeneracy always strikes the most susceptible among us, be it the slow-witted, the outright dumb or the young - who are targeted the most. To idealize any part of Europe is simply unreasonable. But still, you can expect a little bit more from people in these parts. For example: there was a skank who decided to auction off her virginity like so many sluts do in the US. Except over here, she was beaten on the street in broad daylight by other women.

I can tell you about people in central europe from my personal observation. Namely Slovakia(my home country). People here are still quite traditional in the sense that they somewhat shun away from commercialism and stick with their traditions which are all deeply tied with family and religion. They also retained something that is very rarely seen in the western parts of Europe nowadays and that thing is: common sense. Also, tough love and self-responsibility are promoted above all else - that is also admirable and a huge diverge from the nanny state model in the west.

Apart from that, people here also tend to be stubborn, envious, religious, highly suspicious and have quite the temper to a point where they seem warlike - which is strange because Slovaks lost every war they fought in but somehow still managed to survive for more than a thousand years - stubbornness. What is also inspected is the plurality of opinions among Slovaks and for that reason, the greatest enemy of a Slovak is another Slovak, unless there is an unfortunate Hungarian nearby. And Slovaks do not know what small talk is, so don’t get into one with a Slovak, you will either get a polite smile or a suspiciously raised eyebrow, or both. All in all, people here aren’t at all brainwashed after 40 years of communism where brainwashing was on a daily routine. So if communism didn’t brainwash them and thousands of years of foreign rule didn’t destroy them, neither will any other -ism nor a powerhungry empire. Stubbornness is simply in our blood..So don’t be disappointed just yet, there is still dignity to be found in Europe.

"Dante wisely reserved the Ninth Circle of hell for traitors."

- Personal belief


"Here are the liberators" Italian WW2 poster

Slovaks within the Austro-Hungarian army from the 71st infantry regiment in Italy.


“It is little that makes the best happiness.”

—F. Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra: Part Four, “At Noon” (excerpt).

Nu couché sur un tapis rouge (detail) by Félix Vallotton, 1909


Federico Fellini’s films by Milo Manara