I was helping my step father with something and we stopped at a bar for a bit. And his colleague said something that could be only translated as that I have very strong physique and that he wouldn’t like to be beaten up by me. Then he bought me a shot of plum brandy and beer. It was nice, although I’m really not used to being praised.

"The smarter you get the less you speak"

- Arabic Proverb   (via santini-houdini)


Detroit-born Photographer Mark Laita explores social and cultural clashes between different social backgrounds by juxtaposing people of United States in his stunning series “Created Equal”. By contrasting social inequality, Laita invited the viewers to think about how and why they took these different directions.
People born equal but turned out totally different in real life. Mark Laita in his photo series compare different people from all walks of life such as a bank robber and a policeman, a high school dropout and a college graduate, a company president  and a janitor etc. It took almost 8 years for Mark Laita to complete the project.
(Click the photos to see the captions)
1. Amish Teenagers / Punk Teenagers
2. Marine / War Veteran
3. Vegetarian / Butcher, 1999 / 2004
4. College Graduate / High School Dropout
5. Indigent Couple / Wealthy Couple
6. Rock Band / Polka Band, 2006 / 2006
7. Baptist Minister / Ku Klux Klan
8. Catholic Nuns / Prostitutes
9. Homeless Man / Real Estate Developer
10. Gang Member / Mafioso

So I watched Edge of Tomorrow, TODAY.

And my initial reaction is: MIND BLOWN

My follow up reaction is: So, do you know Groundhog day?