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Did you check your fly?
Nah seriously; for example I was at the self checkout at the supermarket and this girl in her early twenties was eying me, I looked up and she hurriedly looked away. It’s been the same sort of thing 5 or 6 times today.
… does this mean I’m kawaii? ~ …

Can’t say, women only eye me when my fly is down. Anyway, that’s the thing about meeting strangers on the street - good feels is all you gonna get from women eyeing you. No matter how hot or how interested they may be, you just don’t even attempt to pick up women on the street. Coz it’s cheap as f… You must stalk her good first, follow her to her home, then break in, go through her things and so on.. that’s how you date. Hope I helped.


Bigger people have faster metabolisms than smaller people, that’s why height and weight are both factors in calculating your metabolism. The bigger a body is, the more energy it burns maintaining its bodily systems. You’re not big because you have a slow metabolism, and you’re not small because you have a fast metabolism. You probably just eat a lot more/less than you think you do.

As I left my house for my regular running exercise, I saw an actual winter glove lying on the road. I know we had a colder summer but commooon. That’s just too much.

St Martin’s Cathedral in Spišská Kapitula - which is an exceptionally well-preserved ecclesiastical town below the Spiš Castle which can be seen in the background.


Second in command of the Hlinka Guard, Otomar Kubala saluting his gardists.


Human nature is not going anywhere. We are fundamentally the same now as we were 1500 years ago. If we intend to truly progress, we must accept, work with, or conquer our nature, but not ignore it.




Unpopular opinion: saying that everyone’s beautiful is a blatant load of shit and everyone who says it is only lying to themselves and others to make themselves feel morally superior. Fat people are not only unhealthy but are also gross.

At some level, if they would…

Right. The statement of “everyone is beautiful” encompasses nothing but excuse. You would never hear a fat person who goes to a gym or at least tries to better themselves saying such a thing because they know that they’re gross and unhealthy and vow to change that. When I’m at the gym and I see fat people I have nothing but respect for them but the ones who sit around making excuses are weak and if they can’t even respect themselves I don’t see why I should. 

It sure does currently. Though I heard of some cases where heavy set people who actually went to the gym were laughed at. How messed up is that? One of those things where I say “If I was there.” Like you have actual evidence that those fat people are doing it, they chose to change and be truly beautiful. They’re fragile, they need support and protection at a time like that, not to mention how hard it is to lose all that weight or even the extra expenses like the removal of excess skin which costs up to 40 000 dollars American for example. Man, I could just kick the hell out of those jerks who do that.